About Us

Putting Life Back into Your Business Strategy and Leadership Management

Who We Are:

Stratengy is a consulting organization that works with companies to develop personalized business strategies through leadership development and employee engagement, resulting in increased human and financial performance.

We focus on the personalization of business strategy…a strategy may sound great on paper, but why apply an ordinary strategy onto an organization that wants to differentiate itself from its competitors?

Our Beliefs:

Leadership and Engagement are the responsibility of everyone, from the executives of an organization, line leaders, and individual contributors.

Both leadership and engagement initiatives need to address individuals at all levels of the organization or your leaving some of your success on the table.  Maximize your investment in your people and reap the solid business rewards.

Our Capabilities:

Because we stress the personalization aspect of business strategy, we’ll never provide off-the-shelf solutions.  We believe in providing innovative strategies for tackling common business challenges.  We provide full-service coaching, consulting, assessments, and training in the realm of business leadership development and employee engagement.

Our Leadership Solutions:

Our Team: