The Stratengy Difference

Putting Business Leadership and Management First through Effective Leadership Coaching and Development

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams

How we define Leadership

Our belief is that every leader can learn to be extraordinary by first developing themselves. Our approach focuses on training leaders to utilize Emotional Intelligence and Energy Leadership to maximize their full potential and engage their workforce. Leadership is a skill that can be perfected with practice. We create the safety net that allows leaders to take risks in a safe environment by practicing and honing new skills.

Develop Leaders in your organization

Our strength lies in understanding the leadership challenges businesses face today and providing solutions that positively impact the bottom line and create transformational change. We offer a variety of business leadership training programs, executive coaching packages, assessments, and a Leadership Academy to create sustainable change in organizations.

How we can help

Executive Coaching: We offer job coaching packages ranging from 8-24 hours of face-to-face or virtual coaching.

Leadership Academy: Twelve-month intensive Leadership Development Program for Senior-Level Managers. The content focuses on developing strategic thinkers and honing their skills for effective leadership. The program includes assessments, team process improvement initiatives, real-business simulations, monthly management training sessions and monthly coaching calls.

Essentials of Management Program: Twelve-month intensive Management Development Program to assist midlevel managers to use Emotional Intelligence and Energy Leadership to become a strong manager and engage their workforce. The program includes personality assessments, teambuilding activities, monthly management training sessions and a process improvement initiative.

Aspiring Managers Program: Six-month development program designed to turn individual contributors into managers. The program focuses on effective leadership: how to lead people, understand personalities and build a team. The program includes monthly training sessions, assessments, team project, and suggests developing an internal mentoring program.

Executive Forums: An executive think-tank where leaders come together on a monthly basis to discuss challenges and opportunities in their work environments. They learn to build employee engagement and unleash sustainable change within their organizations.

Management Courses: We provide a full menu of effective leadership and management training. We offer half-day sessions, full-day sessions, multi-session programs ranging from six weeks to twelve months.

Training Topics Offered:

All training programs are customized to address specific business situations within your organization. Training sessions are very interactive and include case studies, simulations, round-table discussions and accountability exercises.