Essentials of Management Program

Helping You Develop the Business Leadership Skills You Need to Succeed

Program Overview:

This program is designed to develop the next tier of managers and leaders within the organization. The ideal participant for this program is one who has been identified as having high potential and motivated to move into a key position.

The leadership management program requires a commitment on the part of both the organization and the participant.  The organization is investing in the development of the employee by identifying them as a participant in this yearly program. As a participant in this management program, the employee agrees to attend each session, participate in a monthly training session as well as a monthly group coaching call, and complete all assignments. Assignments will be designed for real-life application to address current business situations and develop business leadership skills. The monthly coaching call will serve as a check-in during the month to assist the leaders  in transferring the knowledge from the training back to the work environment. Each conference call will be one hour in length.

The intent of the program is to develop business leadership potential and build a team environment among the participants by breaking them up into teams on the first day. Participants will work within their teams throughout the duration of the program. Teams will work together on real-life case scenarios and in-class exercises.

Program Length:

Twelve months

Topics to be covered in our Leadership Management Program: 

1. Introduction Session- What is Management?

  • What is management
  • 5 Aspects of Managing
  • Identifying your Management Style
  • Understanding Perceptions- Diversity Game
  • Goal Setting
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

2. Understanding Personality- The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • What is the MBTI?
  • Understanding the 8-Poles
  • 16 Letter Combinations= 16 Personalities
  • Working with others
  • How to manage yourself
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

3. Communication Dynamics

  • Understanding how we communicate
  • Understanding what gets “heard”
  • Body Language Basics
  • Generational Communication
  • Practice exercise with partner
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

4. Performance Management

  • Identify the cycle of performance
  • Coaching performance
  • How to handle poor performance
  • Rewarding good performance
  • Keeping motivation high
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

5. Hiring the Best

  • Interviewing timeline
  • What to look for
  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Role playing
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

6. Time Management

  • Getting organized
  • Planning your day
  • Procrastination- Eat the frog first!
  • In-basket exercise
  • Working strategically
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

7. Project Management

  • Identifying aspects of a project
  • Understanding what is involved
  • Understanding the scope and costs
  • Delegation
  • Simulation
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

8. Teams

  • Stages of Team Development
  • Managing at all stages
  • Team experience exercise
  • Building and sustaining a high performing team
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

9. Dealing with Difficult Situations

  • Identifying the 5-Step Process
  • Dealing with toxic personalities
  • Reframing and negotiating
  • Managing yourself under pressure
  • What’s next- goal setting for success
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

10. Decision Making

  • Decision Making Ladder
  • Steps in the process
  • Rethinking decisions
  • Making multi-dimentional decisions
  • Team exercise
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

11. Shifting from Managing to Leading

  • What is the difference between managing and leading?
  • Executive Presence
  • Business Acumen
  • What gets rewarded/noticed?
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Closing and Accountability Assignment

12. Graduation/ Teambuilding Exercise

  • Celebrating the year
  • Offsite teambuilding activity
  • Closing