Stories of Business Leadership Coaching Success

Interested in how we have helped our clients create corporate strategies, develop effective business leadership skills, and achieve business growth? Take a look at the following testimonials from clients we’ve worked with over the years:

Stratengy left a lasting impression on our senior team. Even when we threw them curve balls, Stratengy demonstrated flexibility and confidence and changed some of the presentation to fit our objectives and needs. Several from our team admire Stratengy’s style and strength. Your visit here was very special and we look forward to having you return to Los Angeles.
Pat Cunningham
Human Resources

From the first day that I met the Stratengy team, I knew they were special. Their team truly works wonders. Our people enjoy the programs, and speak highly about how much they have learned. They have made our team members better people and we could not be more thankful.
H. Diane Powell
Two Nice-Pak Park
Executive Assistant

I have worked with Stratengy for the last 12 months. The Stratengy team has developed training that enhances team performance through interpersonal understanding. Every company needs strong teamwork and collaboration, and Statengy has helped Pentax work together better in reaching and realizing our goals through organizational understanding and accountability.
David G. Woods
Pentax Medical Company

I have had the great pleasure of working with Stratengy via a yearlong leadership program provided by my organization. The Stratengy team members are true professionals, very easy to relate to, and work collaboratively with individuals and organization to find sustainable solutions. From a personal perspective, Stratengy has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. Stratengy has provided me with additional leadership tools, enhanced implementation and problem solving skills as well as provided mentoring and guidance. I consider the Stratengy team experts in their field. Stratengy has been the difference for me.
Scott Popkin
Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Sr. Director of Global QA/QC for PDII and NP/PDII Asian Sourcing

Stratengy did an outstanding job putting together and executing leadership development programs for our entry level managers, mid-level managers, and executives. These year-long programs identified specific areas of improvement for each participant and then provided them with the tools to be successful in these areas moving forward. I would recommend Stratengy for leadership development and career coaching for all levels of management, entry level through executive.
Jeffrey Hurley
Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Vice President of Nonwovens

Stratengy is a very focused and passionate team of corporate trainers. Their energy is infectious, and that translates into excellent engagement from the students. Stratengy has had a definite impact on my management career, and I would recommend their training courses for managers of every level.
Pat Rebain
Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Network Supervisor

Stratengy brought passion, creativity, and great expertise to the year-long leadership course they led, for a selected groups of managers, at multiple levels within our organization. Every session was well planned and thought-provoking, building up to create a highly impactful course. I highly recommend Stratengy.
Jeremy Jones
Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Consumer Products | Strategic Business Leader | Product Innovation | Integrated Brand Marketing Communications

I have benefited tremendously from Stratengy’s training, coaching, and leadership. I will in turn be able to assist and develop others in my Human Resources role. I have never had the opportunity to receive such expert coaching until getting the opportunity to participate in the leadership program designed and facilitated by Stratengy.
Kerry Roemer
Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Human Resources Manager

The Stratengy team was very caring, thoughtful, and insightful. They helped me to create more self understanding and awareness. I would recommend Stratengy to anyone.
Rich Kabobjian
National MS Society
Member of Board of Trustees, Audit Committee Chairman

The leadership development course Stratengy facilitated over the last year had a tremendous impact on improving both my professional and personal relationships. As coaches, Stratengy was masterful in challenging us for ways to maximize the potential of our teams, ourselves, and the organization. I highly recommend Stratengy fir Executive Coaching or for Leadership Development training for any individual or organization trying to better themselves.
Kevin Reim
AVP, Demand Planning

Stratengy taught the Leadership Academy at my company where I, as well as members within my direct team, had the privilege of working with them. Stratengy has the rare ability to draw out the very best in others. The team is comprised of giving, intuitive, and creative teachers who seek first to understand and then be understood. The Stratengy team is extremely positive, reliable, organized, and always at the top of their game. Stratengy’s teachings represent the very best growth, coaching, and feedback in my career. I’m extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with and get to know Stratengy. I highly recommend them for any project as they are passionate and driven individuals who will achieve success in any situation.
Aime Lenz (DeVore)
Healthcare Sales and Marketing

I engaged Stratengy to help launch the most significant and broad-based leadership program my company had initiated in its long history. Stratengy understood the objectives of our initiative and worked diligently to build a curriculum for what was to be a 12-month intensive training for various levels of associates in the company. Stratengy facilititated all of the training sessions, developed materials and course content, and worked with the HR team and senior management in tweaking the programs as appropriate. This initiative was so successful that we put in place the second annual leadership development programs which has just been completed. A third year is now being developed. I strongly recommend Stratengy for any role in which an organization is looking to create a program imparting managerial and leadership skills to associates who may be aspiring managers (but early in their career) to senior managers who would benefit from formal classroom and real world training.
Dennis Brody
Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Vice President of Human Resources

The Stratengy team is passionate about what they do, and it shows through their commitment and focus on client service delivery. I find Stratengy’s business insights and business acumen to be an extreme asset.
Jackie Compton
Compton Accounting, LLC

Stratengy is a creative, intelligent team of professionals who deliver excellent programs of high quality. Stratengy team members have excellent leadership and personal communication skills and are very proficient in directing and managing groups to attain professional goals. I recommend Stratengy most highly as their programs have always been highly acclaimed by my leadership organization; Leadership Morris.
Joseph Nazarro
Morris County Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director Leadership Morris

I have had the pleasure of working with Stratengy as they led different leadership retreats. The Stratengy team presentations engage their audience, keep them actively participating, and get high marks in the follow-up surveys. I recommend Stratengy highly. I am eager to work with them again.
Dianne Hartshorn
The Hartshorn Group

Stratengy is made up of by far the most professional corporate trainers that I have had the opportunity to work with in my career. Their poise, professionalism, and intellect make them perfectly suited for their career in corporate training and people development. Their facilitation skills are unparalleled, and their preparation is noticeable. They instantly build trust with those which they works with and have an uncanny way in winning friends and influencing those around them. Stratengy brings a totally different dimension to corporate training and truly creates a culture of learning.
Hudson Garrett, Jr.
Vice President, Clinical Affairs

The Stratengy team is a team of consummate trainers/coaches. I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing Stratengy in action as they presented for my staff at our monthly staff meeting. The topic was on “Maximizing your Communications Style,” and my staff is still talking about the content of the program. It truly was one of the BEST meetings we ever had. It changed the dynamics of the staff for the better. Stratengy is very passionate about their clients. They truly believe in their potential and are committed to assisting in bringing that out! Stratengy puts their heart and soul into their clients and presentations to have a true impact as experts in their field. If you are considering hiring someone to help you take your business and career to the next level, I HIGHLY recommend Stratengy.
Jessica Ballew
Columbia Bank New Jersey
Branch Manager

Stratengy represents an interesting mix of being driven but delicate at the same time. Stratengy has always stood out to me as one of the more polished, professional, upbeat, and positive teams that I know. Writing a recommendation for an organization like that is easy! Keep up the good work!
Michael FitzPatrick
The LTC Partnership, LLC

Stratengy has the right mix when it comes to connecting with their clients and audience. The team has dynamic personalities, asks the tough questions, and gets results. Having had many conversations with Stratengy, they always offer great insights and tools to tackle the biggest challenges. Their keen listening skills coupled with a vast knowledge of training allows them to always guide you in the right direction to achieve the outcome you are looking for. Thanks for all you do, Stratengy! Keep making a difference out there.
Brian Traichel
Brian Traichel Consulting
Sales Consultant, Executive Coach & Strategist

Stratengy has a broad and deep expertise in the understanding of business organization, instructing/lecturing and the “human factor,” emotional intelligence. My wife and I attended one of their courses on communication dynamics between couples. We found it very informative, and we highly recommend their services. We look forward to their next program.
Thom Guida
Preferred IT Recruiting Inc.
President/ Senior IT Recruiter

Stratengy comes to every meeting better prepared than anyone else there. They are master presenters; talks are well-organized, material is presented clearly and in-depth at a level of the audience with follow-up questions. Stratengy makes sure that their materials are well presented, understood, and learned before they leave. The team has a positive, cheerful attitude that makes people want to work with them. Stratengy is fun to work with and gets the task done with humor and good cheer. Even though the task could be onerous, fellow workers don’t realize it because of the way it is handled. I would work anytime and anyway with Stratengy. I know the task will be done properly, on time, and with everyone enjoying the process.
Chris Kennett
Market America
NutriMetrix Consultant

I had the pleasure of doing a joint seminar with Stratengy in which they bring a passion and enthusiasm few could match. The Stratengy team is an extremely gifted team of speakers and trainers who have an engaging style that’s fun and keeps the audience engaged. I look forward to working with Stratengy again in the future.
Vince Egan
Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.
Financial Consultant

I have had the pleasure of working with Stratengy through the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee. I have found their dedication, passion, and insight truly inspiring. Stratengy has a true gift, and given the opportunity, I would not hesitate to refer Stratengy to a client.
Lori Rothe Yokobosky
J.H. Cohn LLC
Tax Specialist

Stratengy provides great service and is excellent to work with. The team believes in what they deliver and in the people they deliver to. I would recommend Stratengy as a value-added partner for training and development.
Stephanie Lewis
Chaparral Energy, LLC
Manager, Talent Management

Stratengy’s talent lies in their ability to work collaboratively with their clients while coaching them to reach their highest potential. The Stratengy team is strategic, intuitive, possesses strong business acumen, and is articulate. Stratengy is an organization that I will continue to recommend as coaches for leaders in our organization.
Michelle Levasseur
Vice President of Human Resources

When faced with very tough business challenges, Stratengy’s coaching proved to be extremely beneficial. Their expert knowledge in leadership training using an emotional intelligence learning platform allowed me to reach new heights in my professional development. I highly recommend the Stratengy team as savvy leadership coaches with out-of-the-box ideas that will shape any corporate or not for profit organization’s culture into a working environment that is more productive, proactive, and successful.
Angela Kubisky
Morris County Chamber of Commerce

Stratengy is, without a doubt, the leading authority for professional business people looking to achieve the highest levels of performance and productivity. I highly recommend Stratengy.
Mike Michalowicz
Profit First Professionals
Author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Stratengy is made up of dynamic facilitators and executive coaches. I have worked with Stratengy on several client assignments – each of us has brought different unique abilities, and we complimented each other tremendously. Stratengy is always well-prepared for every event and challenge. They begin each session with an attitude of gratitude and an eye on delivering the best for the client– two values I support. Stratengy truly lives their value system and honors commitments to family and friends as well as their business. I would recommend and have recommended Stratengy to all who could benefit from them.
Kathleen Cashman
Cashman Consulting LLC
Business Consultant / Executive Coach / Leadership /Motivational Keynote Speaker / Author and Professor

I have had the pleasure of working with Stratengy through the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. The Stratengy team is organized, committed, and very engaging. Stratengy team members are always available to offer assistance and readily share expertise. Stratengy is a powerful group of leaders, and I recommend them without hesitation.
Lynn Cortese
The Art of Food, LLC
Creative Director

The Stratengy team is a super-professional team of business coaches who take the time to truly understand an organization’s goals to partner with them to develop their most valuable resource – their employees. I have worked with Stratengy with executive coaching sessions as well as retained them to expand the skills and horizons of attorneys and managers. What I find most amazing at every meeting we have is how Stratengy is able to quickly help me, as the client, on my bottom line deliverables and then outline, organize, and implement a path to get there. Stratengy is honestly better able to articulate my needs at times then I am as well as deliver the solutions to those needs. Stratengy has pushed me and our staff to do more and notch up our aspirations and goals. I strongly recommend them to any organization that is looking to get the most out of each existing employee.
Deirdre Wheatley-Liss
Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C.

Stratengy and I just finished working together on a “Women in Business” committee; I found Stratengy to be very knowledgeable, helpful to the other committee members, and went out of their way to contribute towards the final project. I look forward to working with Stratengy again in the future.
Aida Visakay
AxisPointe Member Firm of Assured Partners & Jamison Co.
Public Speaker on Healthcare Reform, VP of Employee Benefits

I have worked with Stratengy in their Leadership Forum in addition to the “Women In Business” Committee. The Stratengy team is inspirational and extremely motivated. Their energy is contagious. They are excellent trainers and consultants. I highly recommend Stratengy due to their professionalism, leadership, and commitment!
Mary Dougherty
Elms-Dougherty Group
Real Estate and Relocation Consulting

The Stratengy team is an amazing group of trainers/consultants. They have a grounded and easy manner, yet share a depth of knowledge and expertise. I had the opportunity to work with Stratengy on a number of occasions. Stratengy team members have the ability to keep the strategic vision while zeroing in on core issues. Stratengy is a pleasure to work with, and I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate in any capacity with them in the future.
Carrie Ballone
Realogy Holdings Corp.
Learning & Development Manager

I have had the privilege and pleasure to participate in Stratengy’s first “Women’s Leadership Forum.” This program has been invaluable to my growth and success. The experience is more than I ever expected. This is all due to the Stratengy team’s leadership, professionalism, and commitment. Every meeting, Stratengy has brought new and interesting ideas to help us in our business and personal lives. I would not hesitate to recommend this program and/or Stratengy to anyone wishing to improve their growth and management skills.
Linda Wescott
Savastano Kaufman & Company, LLC

Stratengy is a team of consummate professionals who deliver spectacular results for their clients. As someone in a similar discipline, I recognize when someone just talks the talk but cannot really walk the walk . Stratengy walks the walk!
Steven Miller
Infinite Dimensions Inc.

The Stratengy team is creative and enthusiastic. Stratengy is able to engage your participants and let them get the best experience from their training. I look forward to working with Stratengy again.
Claudine Chiarmonte
State of New Jersey, Department of Children and Families
Director of Quality

Stratengy is a highly gifted team. Their compassion and integrity for clients is super. The team is made up of extremely talented motivators and trainers who are able to make people feel cared for and appreciated. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Stratengy.
Rev Leono

Stratengy developed a custom training program for my team based on requirements I gave to them over an initial phone call. The final product was a training offering that completely addressed the training need. I would recommend Stratengy to others with similar needs.
Bill Caproni
IT Infrastructure Manager

Stratengy encompasses a detail-oriented group of workers giving 110% to all that they do. Stratengy has goals in mind and will go above and beyond to make sure those goals are met for you and your company.
Melissa Gran
CHOC Children’s Hospital
Speech Language Pathologist

The Stratengy team is a group of inspirational and inspired leaders; flexible, yet steadfast in principle. They are continually “sharpening the saw” in order to offer new ideas to their clients, but without buying into the “flavor of the month.” I have found Stratengy to be both enthusiastic and uncompromising in bringing value to an organization. I wholeheartedly recommend Stratengy.
Tom Nestor
SHI International Corp.
Director of Contracts

I have utilized Stratengy’s experience and knowledge for strategic decisions in my career. Stratengy has always offered sound business logic, and I highly recommend their services.
Scott Sorensen
Column Technologies
Senior Case Management Executive – Corporate Investigations & Public Safety Division

The Stratengy team is comprised of excellent trainers and facilitators that have great credentials to prove it. I’ve worked with Stratengy on several occasions, and their work is always highly praised! I highly endorse Stratengy’s work!
Wendy Finnerty
Lead Assessor

Stratengy is the kind of organization that you want on your side when looking to get results. Their attention to detail is amazing, and they are a pleasure to work with.
Garth Sandiford
Swagger & Saddle Entertainment, LLC

Stratengy is made up of some of the most honest and ethical people that I know, and I’m blessed to know more than a few. Their ability to work with people and effectively inspire them is very impressive. Stratengy is a top notch business, and I wholly endorse them and their services. A true class act of the highest caliber.
Kevin Knebl
Knebl Communications, LLC
Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Speaker/Author