Webinar Series: Young Women’s Leadership Series

Webinar series for women in college.

6 live webinars on November 7, 14, 21, 28  December 5 & 12 from 6-7:30 PM Mountain Time

Are you faced with uncertainty as you prepare to be in the workforce? The Young Women’s Leadership Series will equip you with the tools, strategy, and confidence to transition successfully into the workplace and cut off years of learning it the hard way!

Six Live Webinars

  • Session 1: Designing Your Life –The demand for work-life-balance is at an unprecedented rate today. As a result, work-life balance is becoming one of the most important topics facing us today. As you start your career, why not design it to live the life you want.
  • Session 2: Bridging the Communication Gap – Being aware of other people’s style is one of the most important skills you can learn, both personally and professionally. Understanding others decreases stress, conflict and frayed relationships, and increases trust, respect and collaboration.
  • Session 3: Networking- In order to guide your career, you need to develop a solid network that you actively engage.
  • Session 4: Investing in Your Future – Starting with the end in mind, learn tactics and strategies to retire on your terms.
  • Session 5: Salary Negotiation – Most women leave money on the table when it comes to salary negotiation. Learn proven techniques to ask for what your worth.
  • Session 6: Guiding Your Career – The only person you should trust your career to is yourself. Learn strategies to guide your career and shape your future.

Meet the presenters

leadership coach

Heather Clarke-Peckerman, CEO and Founder of Stratengy

Lara Grantham, CSU Student


“I’m passionate about what this workshop is doing because it teaches skills that I wish I would’ve learned sooner. In my opinion, this program is essential to easing the  transition from college to the work force.”  -Lara Grantham, CSU Student

“I would highly recommend this course to young women who want to gain tools, knowledge and empower one’s inner strength to promote further success.”  -Christina Current, Inaugural Participant

“I learned about my values, my personal goals, and my Gremlins – those little inner voices that we all hear from time to time that tell us we aren’t good enough to achieve what it is that we want to – and know we can – achieve. The YWLS helped me process my thinking and belief systems in a way that truly and positively shaped the past 10 years of my life. I’m now a successful business owner with a daughter of my own on the way; I hope the YWLS exists when she is a young adult herself.” Amanda Veinott, Founder, Miligistix


  • Eliminate years of learning by trial and error
  • Hit the ground running on your first day
  • Advance faster in your career
  • Transition with confidence
  • Emerge as a leader

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