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Whether you’re looking to begin an Employee Engagement initiative, revamp a Business Leadership Development program, or align people and practices to build a better business strategy, we can help.

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  • The JOY of Losing Your Job…HOPE Beyond Blood, Sweat and Tears by: Christina DeOliveira, CEO of Performance Continuum, Certified Professional Coach, author of The JOY of Losing Your Job Could losing your job actually be the best thing that ever happened to you? When you’re downsized, it’s easy to sink into despair; it can feel like the bottom has fallen out of your entire life. But the reality is, ...
At Stratengy, we pair you and your organization with a certified corporate coach who aligns with the the unique challenges and constraints of your organization. Our strength lies in understanding the leadership challenges businesses face today and providing solutions that positively impact the bottom line and create transformational change.
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