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Are your company executives up-to-date with the leadership and organization skills needed to foster growth, sustainability, and success? Does your company struggle with employee engagement and performance among individuals or teams? Is the culture of your company well-established and desirable? 

Executives and leaders have special challenges that require unique solutions. How we behave in stressful situations speaks volumes to a company brand. When a company says yes to coaching, they are saying yes to building a culture that overcomes adversity and embraces change.

Stratengy partners with you to develop innovative business strategies that integrate management training, executive coaching, and employee engagement to increase human performance and deliver differentiating bottom-line results.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching programs designed to elevate leadership and organizational performance.

Leadership Development 

Management training programs designed to increase performance both individually and with teams.

Culture Initiatives

Culture initiatives designed to improve employee engagement, morale, and retention. 

Toqeer Kazmi

Global VP of HR, NN inc.

"Highly recommend!"

"Heather is excellent at interpreting the business needs and creating compelling actions and interventions that directly supported our needs...I would highly recommend Heather."

Sherrie Dornberger

Executive Director, NADONA

"Very engaging"

"Heather's style is very engaging, and we have seen a positive transformation in the individuals who have successfully completed this program."

Michael Tiger

Director, Samsung

"Most impactful"

""Heather is an inspiring coach. She's a visionary leader whose influence has guided me in realizing my potential to strengthen my teams and grow my businesses."

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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