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Corporate Wellness: The Key to Increased Engagement, Productivity, and Profits

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Well-being and effective leadership have never been more important than now, in this ever-changing Covid world. The need to look after ourselves and others, while also ensuring we're delivering for those we serve, can feel like a daunting task. The key to successfully navigating these challenges is to have optimal health-physical, emotional, and mental health.

Most people know what the benefits of being healthy are, but what is the benefit to a company? A study by Harvard Business Review found that for every dollar invested in wellness, companies average a return of $2.71 by way of increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and reduced healthcare cost. Research also indicates that employees tend to be more loyal and stay longer with a company that is concerned about their health. So how can companies encourage employees to be healthier?

Let’s look at some of the top companies that are leading the way in employee wellness.

  • SnackNation, a healthy office snack delivery service company, lives by the motto “Health above all else.”

“You can’t be a good boss, teammate, friend, or spouse without first taking care of yourself. And we’re not the only ones. More and more companies are finding that healthier employees are also happier and more productive,” - Rebecca Levin.

  • Laughter on Call - just like the old saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine,” the team at Laughter On Call are dedicated to contributing to a better workplace culture through happiness (and a few jokes). Laughter On Call’s mission is to create connection through shared laughter. Over the past year they have brought their virtual events to over 100 remote, hybrid and in-person companies – in some cases connecting teams around the world.

  • Sonicboom - the most socially connected, gamified, and customizable employee-wellbeing platform in the industry, Sonic Boom Wellness is reputed for its ability to generate genuine engagement and drive long-term health improvement (whether employees are working remotely or onsite) because they create programs people love and WANT to take part in.

  • GoodRX - the #1 prescription drug discount program in the country, GoodRx can help your employees enjoy great savings on prescriptions.

  • Wellsource - is recognized as a Fit Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association and a longtime WELCOA member, Wellsource has been helping organizations and individuals understand the connection between lifestyle and risk factors for preventable disease for nearly 4 decades. Wellsource’s innovative health risk assessment and online wellness resources make getting your wellness program up and running quick and easy.

  • Eden Health - Eden Health keeps your people productive and healthy with personalized, full-spectrum primary care, mental health care, telemedicine, and insurance benefit navigation. Contact: Dana Drake

  • For a complete list of the top 40 Wellness Companies, click here:

Keeping yourself and your employees healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally are a necessity in today’s business environment. The stronger you are in all three areas, the more resilient you will become. The best way to encourage others to take care of themselves is to lead by example. Use apps, to connect with your team on common health goals, create fun competition, and look for ways to support and encourage your team.

Stratengy is here to help you navigate these challenging times. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you keep yourself and your team engaged, focused, and healthy.

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