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Fun is the Secret

August is Family Fun Month! It is the perfect reason to take that long-awaited family vacation together or to simply put away all the devices and have some good 'ol fashioned quality time with each other.

There are plenty of ways to bond and have fun as a family (as a work team too). Here are some creative ideas:

1. PLAY A CARD GAME- Oh card games rock! I’ve mentioned we love playing UNO before, but there are many more. You can play SNAP! or Go Fish! Too.

2. VISIT THE BEACH- I love the beach as a family trip. You can swim, build sandcastles, or just totally chill out. We go super early to avoid that bright, cranky sun.

3. GO ON A PICNIC - Packing the picnic basket is part of the fun, so get the kids involved. Grab some bread rolls, bottles of water, salad and some chicken teriyaki kebabs.

4. GO GEOCACHING - This is the best fun. All around the world little gems are being hidden, waiting for you to find them. I use this Geocaching App, and it’s so much fun. Just pack a pen, a little notepad, and some little trinkets to put into the Geocache when you find it.

5. GO TO THE LIBRARY- Visit your local library and borrow some new books.

6. HAVE A STAYCATION - No need to jet off to another part of the world for a getaway, stay where you live. Book a hotel and explore your hometown.

7. GROW A HERB GARDEN - All you need is a pot, some herbs {you can grab them from your supermarket}, and some soil and you’re on your way. Let the kids go crazy. Best of all you get to eat your garden later.

8. PLAY A BOARD GAME - Get out your old board games and have a family game night. Try Twister, Monopoly, Pictionary or anything else you’ve got hanging in the cupboard.

Some of these things sound like great retreat things to do with co-workers as well. It is important to be social in the workplace. That's why many people hang around after work with their coworkers for fun activities. That way, they feel more connected to each other and the company as a whole.

So whether with family, friends or co-workers, getting creative and giving each other quality time is the way to bring fun back to your moments.

Watch this TED talk Why Fun Is the Secret to a Healthier Life by Catherine Price.

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