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Leading in a Virtual World

Leadership has forever changed.

How do you lead your team when you cannot physically be present and most of your team is living and working in a place of fear?

The world has always had an element of surprise. For example, markets change, trends and technology upgrade overnight, and desires and needs change in the marketplace.

First, today’s leader must go back to the core of leadership. Be for and with your people. Make them feel heard, understood, and valued.

Here are some suggestions on how this could play out in 2021.

Instead of a companywide zoom, set up department meetings where you can take the time to hear the thoughts and feel the pulse of individuals. If done with multiple departments, you will start to see the trends that most likely carry out through your entire organization.

Put a professional development plan in place. Perhaps you move the organization in your example to grow as an individual within the company. When people feel a part of something bigger than themselves, they often take their focus off basic needs.

Instead of worrying about having a job, when they see you care about them and their ongoing development as a person, they can shift from worrying about Maslow’s basic needs of food and shelter to the perspective of being safe and belonging. This shifts their brainwaves in the right direction where their work will be more productive.

In the old days, we had suggestion boxes in workplaces. People could drop in a note of what they thought would be helpful to the organization. Perhaps you set up a survey to have your Human Resources staff send to all employees that allows them to give feedback and suggestions but do it anonymously or they can put their contact information.

I encourage you to think about putting your team first. Listen to their ideas. Share the ideas and implement the great ones. This will help you lead and thrive in today’s virtual world.

Stratengy is here to assist you. Reach out to us today to learn about our virtual leadership programs. or

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